Q: May I print copies from the master more than once?
A: Yes. You may always make new copies to replace lost or destroyed copies. If you purchase ten copies and destroy them all after the performance but decide to use the piece again in five years, you may legally make ten new copies from the original digital master. This only applies to lost or destroyed copies, not to copies that have been given away.

Q: What discounts do you offer?
A: For pieces that are $1.25 or more per copy, the price breaks occur at 25 copies (5%), 50 copies (10% discount), 75 copies (15% discount), and 100 copies (20% discount). For eligible pieces in the Pilgrim Choral Series (pieces in the online shop that are $1.20 or more), the price breaks occur at 10 copies (5%), 20 copies (10%), 30 copies (15%), and 40 copies (20%).

Q: What is shaped notation, and why do you offer it?
A: This article explains the history of shaped notation. I offer it because many of the people who grew up in a four-part, a cappella singing tradition (as I did) find it easier to read shaped notation. Since shaped notation makes this music accessible to a wider range of singers, I offer it here.

Q: Why did I receive a round-note and a shaped-note master?
A: To make the ordering process easier. This way you don’t have to buy a certain number of round-note copies and a certain number of shaped-note copies. With a master for both, you can mix and match or use one or the other exclusively.

Q: How do I get permission to record one of your songs, and how much does it cost?
A: Some of the songs may be recorded free of charge, but most of them require a mechanical license which costs $.12 per song per copy (CD, digital release, etc.). To request a mechanical license, fill out the Mechanical License Request Form.

Q: Can I order music from your website using a purchase order instead of a debit or credit card?
A: Yes. On the Contact Form, include the following information: the song(s) you want, how many copies you want, the name of your school or organization, and the purchase order number. You should receive access to the song(s) you ordered as well as an invoice for your school or organization within 48 hours.

Q: If I purchase a song via email, can I make a payment online?
A: Yes, purchases made via email can be paid via PayPal here.

Q: Do you charge for public performances of any of your music?
A: No.

Q: I completed my order and received a master copy, but I want a different name on the permission line. Can I get a different name?
A: Yes. Send me a message with the name you want on the master copy, and I will generate a new master copy and send it to you.