Do you teach music in a Christian school? Are you expected to perform a cappella music with your students? Are you looking for music for grades 5-10? Are you having a tough time finding a cappella choral music that works with your students? If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, you might be able to find something here that works for you.

When I taught grade school music (5-8), I had a hard time finding music for my 7-8 graders--music that actually worked a cappella. Because of that (oh, and did I mention that I basically had no budget for buying music), I began arranging songs for my students, and wouldn't you know, they actually liked them. Then I found someone else who was writing and arranging songs for the same age group, and my students loved her pieces as well. So I threw all the pieces into a collection and called it the Pilgrim Choral Series (named after Pilgrim Christian School where I taught at the time). And now I am making the series available to you.

The songs in bold are already in the shop. The rest of my songs will end up there eventually, but until then, you can view the PDFs and listen to the songs below. The free songs are ready to go; you can download and use them right away. To order the songs that are not free or in the shop, contact me with your order. Be sure to specify round or shaped notation. Also, don't forget to check the FAQ page to see what discounts are available.

Title Voicing Price
Be Still, My Soul SAT(B) $1.00
Beneath the Cross of Jesus (PDF) SAT(B) (SAT, SATB) free
Building Up the Temple SATB $.75
Choose for Yourselves SAT(B) $.75
Dona Nobis Pacem (PDF) 3 equal voices free
Evening Star SAT(B) $1.00
For Unto Us a Child is Born SAT(B) $1.00
Give Me a Sign (PDF: SSA, SAT, SATB) SSA or SAT, SATB free
Hosanna in Excelsis (PDF) SAT free
In Repentance and Rest (PDF: SSA, SATB) SSA, SATB free
Jesus Saith Unto Him SAT(B) $.75
Masters in This Hall SAT(B) $1.00
My God is So Big SAT(B) $.50
My Offering (PDF: SSA, SAT, SAB) SSA, SAT, SAB free
Non Nobis Domine (PDF) SSA, SAT $.50
O Worship the King SAT(B) $1.00
Silent Night SAT(B) $1.00
The Birds Upon the Treetops SAB $.40
The H Prayer (PDF: SSA, SAT, SATB) SSA, SAT, SATB free
The Solid Rock SAT(B) $1.00
T.R.U.S.T. (PDF) SSA free
With Christ in My Vessel SAT(B) $1.00

  • Be Still, My Soul $1.00
  • Building Up the Temple $.75
  • Choose for Yourselves $.75