Daniel Gawthrop, composer of the wildly popular song, “Sing Me to Heaven,” is offering a free song on his website in hopes that you will sign up for his email list. Since he’s a self-published composer, and since I like free music, I’m telling you about it so you can go to his website and listen to and download the free song (he doesn’t know me from Adam; I’m just doing this on my own). On his website, Daniel says this about the free piece:

“I have always felt that this little gem, Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus, was among the very finest pieces I have ever composed and I have long been tempted to increase the price to $99.95 a copy to demonstrate just how great it is. Wiser heads than my own, however, have suggested that the smart move would be, instead, to give it away!”

Here is the link to his free offer: http://www.dunstanhouse.com/2019/07/16/join-my-email-list/.

And while we’re thinking about Daniel Gawthrop, why not listen to Kansas City Chorale’s drop-dead gorgeous rendition of Gawthrop’s “Sing Me to Heaven”? When I was a teenager, I used to listen to the Kansas City Chorale recording of this song and bask in the beauty of the sound. It was one of the pieces that got me hooked on choral music. Here it is.