Intro to Choral Composing Course

August 31, 2020By Lyle StutzmanAnnouncements

No, I haven’t developed a course about choral composing, but someone else has–Elaine Hagenberg! If you haven’t gone down the Elaine Hagenberg rabbit hole yet, you should. Your life will be enriched. Visit her YouTube channel here. Here is one of her pieces. Elaine has developed an online course called Intro to Choral Composing. I … Read More

MP3s Available For Purchase

May 19, 2020By Lyle StutzmanAnnouncements

I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, but I finally decided it’s time to go for it. I’m offering mp3s for sale on my website! I will continue to include as many recordings as possible for free listening on the listening page, but I know that sometimes it’s nicer to have songs in … Read More

Introducing the Pilgrim Choral Series

February 3, 2020By Lyle StutzmanAnnouncements, Videos

Newly available from the Christian Learning Resource here, all of the pieces in the Pilgrim Choral Series can be purchased together in a three-ring binder which includes a CD of all the songs. Some of the songs are public domain and can be copied from this folder for free. The other songs can be purchased … Read More

A Free Piece by Daniel Gawthrop

July 17, 2019By Lyle StutzmanAnnouncements

Daniel Gawthrop, composer of the wildly popular song, “Sing Me to Heaven,” is offering a free song on his website in hopes that you will sign up for his email list. Since he’s a self-published composer, and since I like free music, I’m telling you about it so you can go to his website and … Read More

A New Resource for Music Teachers

February 15, 2018By Lyle StutzmanAnnouncements

It is my pleasure to introduce a new resource especially for elementary and middle school music teachers. It is Anthony Glick’s website. If you like what you see, contact Anthony about getting your name on a list to receive an e-mail when he adds new pieces to his site. You can get his information here. … Read More