It is my pleasure to introduce a new resource especially for elementary and middle school music teachers. It is Anthony Glick’s website. If you like what you see, contact Anthony about getting your name on a list to receive an e-mail when he adds new pieces to his site. You can get his information here.

His pieces are tried and true just like the pieces in the Pilgrim Choral Series. If he posts them on his site, he has already used them successfully with his elementary and middle school students which should give you confidence when purchasing music from him.

Anthony is offering a 10% discount on all customers’ first purchases through March 1, so if you’re in the market for elementary stuff, check it out.

Anthony and I are not in competition. I hope he produces tons of great resources for school teachers and choir directors, and I hope lots of people flock to his site and buy his music and make it possible for more great a cappella choral music to be written and arranged for younger singers and older singers alike.

Anthony has one piece in my shop because I asked him if I could put it there because I liked it so much, but he’ll sell the rest of his pieces directly via e-mail. You can get his e-mail address and all the other information you need on his site.

Thanks, Anthony, for this great resource!