No, I haven’t developed a course about choral composing, but someone else has–Elaine Hagenberg! If you haven’t gone down the Elaine Hagenberg rabbit hole yet, you should. Your life will be enriched. Visit her YouTube channel here. Here is one of her pieces.

Elaine has developed an online course called Intro to Choral Composing. I haven’t taken the course, but based on the quality of her music, I imagine the course will be high quality. Here is her promo for the course.

Finally, if you want to look into the details of the course, visit the course page here. It includes a complete outline for the course curriculum as well as frequently asked questions. If you sign up by September 15, you can use promo code FALL50 for $50 off the course.

I don’t know Elaine, and she wouldn’t know me from Adam, but I am recommending this course based on what I see and hear in her music. If you try out the course, would you let me know how it was?