I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, but I finally decided it’s time to go for it. I’m offering mp3s for sale on my website!

I will continue to include as many recordings as possible for free listening on the listening page, but I know that sometimes it’s nicer to have songs in your collection on your own device. For those of you who like the freedom and flexibility of having your own recordings, this offer is for you.

I’m currently offering 14 of my own songs or arrangements for sale in a collection called, imaginatively, Blue Sky Music MP3 Collection, Vol. 1. The recording includes many songs from the Pilgrim Choral Series as well as a few others including Joy Medley and I Will Lift Up My Eyes, all sung by The 17. You can purchase the complete set as a single download, or you can purchase individual MP3s.

I am offering coupon code, CORONAMP3, for 25% off all mp3 purchases through May 31, 2020. I am also offering another CD and download for sale, but I will give more information about that another time.

Keep singing!