Simple Ways to Teach Children Music at Home, part 2

April 7, 2020By Lyle StutzmanTeaching

Watching videos can be an excellent way to teach children music at home. Wouldn’t it be great if your children could watch a real music class and sing along with the students in the video? The answer is obviously “yes,” which is why the videos below are so great. Shenandoah Christian Music Camp is releasing … Read More

Simple Ways to Teach Children Music at Home, part 1

March 20, 2020By Lyle StutzmanTeaching

A lot of children are at home right now, but that doesn’t mean music education needs to suffer. On the contrary, children can learn a ton at home that will help them the rest of their lives. Children learn the language of music like they learn spoken language–by hearing it over and over. And over. … Read More

Helping Those Who Claim to be Tone Deaf

December 4, 2019By Lyle StutzmanTeaching

This is my response to the question, “If someone says he is tone-deaf or can’t carry a tune, is there any way to encourage him or teach him otherwise?” Anytime we respond to someone who says they are tone deaf or can’t carry a tune, we should use language very carefully. For starters, very few … Read More

Key Signature Cheat Sheet

October 18, 2019By Lyle StutzmanTeaching

Here are two cheat sheets for singers who are unfamiliar with finding a key and starting pitch. One sheet explains how to find keys and starting pitches, and the other sheet gives all the key signatures without explanation. Why use cheat sheets? In a perfect world, we wouldn’t. But I’ve directed enough amateur choirs to … Read More

Basics of Music Video Series

August 29, 2019By Lyle StutzmanTeaching, Videos

Shenandoah Christian Music Camp is offering a free video series for people who have little or no experience reading music. The video series has six parts: 1. Introduction2. Pitch Basics, Part One3. Pitch Basics, Part Two4. Rhythm Basics, Part One5. Rhythm Basics, Part Two6. Putting It All Together Do you know people who are interested … Read More

Free Rhythm Worksheets

January 30, 2019By Lyle StutzmanTeaching 6 Comments

If you’re a music teacher, you’ve probably used rhythm worksheets or flashcards or something similar to teach and practice rhythms. Sometimes you may only want a few pages of rhythms instead of a whole book of rhythms. If that’s the case for you, you may find these short rhythm worksheets to be helpful. Feel free … Read More