Watching videos can be an excellent way to teach children music at home. Wouldn’t it be great if your children could watch a real music class and sing along with the students in the video? The answer is obviously “yes,” which is why the videos below are so great.

Shenandoah Christian Music Camp is releasing videos of a first grade music class taught Regina Brubaker. It’s a wonderful resource for all families who have young children at home. Play these videos. Encourage your children to do everything the children in the video do. Sit in a semicircle on the floor. Set aside 30 minutes for music class and get your children excited about watching the next video.

I don’t know how many videos will be released, but I will keep adding them to this post as they are released. You can also access them on the SCMC – Music Camp YouTube page.

This is a unique resource made available during this unusual season. Make use of it and share with it other families. Keep the music education going strong!