Here are two cheat sheets for singers who are unfamiliar with finding a key and starting pitch. One sheet explains how to find keys and starting pitches, and the other sheet gives all the key signatures without explanation.

Why use cheat sheets? In a perfect world, we wouldn’t. But I’ve directed enough amateur choirs to know that not everyone in an amateur choir knows how to find a key and starting pitch. Taking the time to explain it can be time consuming, so I made these cheat sheets for any of my choir members who don’t know this information. They can print it off and keep it in their folders and go through each song and figure out where DO is. It’s better to know this information than to copy it off of a cheat sheet, but I think it’s better to have a cheat sheet than not to understand it at all.

It’s a tool that I’ve used and found helpful. I hope you find it helpful as well.