Shenandoah Christian Music Camp is offering a free video series for people who have little or no experience reading music. The video series has six parts:

1. Introduction
2. Pitch Basics, Part One
3. Pitch Basics, Part Two
4. Rhythm Basics, Part One
5. Rhythm Basics, Part Two
6. Putting It All Together

Do you know people who are interested in learning to read music but don’t know where to start? Send this video series to them. Do you teach music to older beginners? Have them watch this series as an assignment. Do you lead a choir with inexperienced singers or singers who only learn by ear? Ask your singers to watch this series and save valuable rehearsal time. The applications are many, but the whole point is to kick-start people’s journeys into music literacy.

Do you remember when you first learned to read? I do. The first word I learned to read was “Go.” It was a revelation to make the connection between sounds I already knew and symbols on the page that I didn’t know yet, and it was fun and exciting.

If this video series can help beginners get excited at the prospect of connecting the sounds we sing to the symbols on the page, I will be very pleased indeed.

Shenandoah Christian Music Camp deserves a huge thanks for making this video series available for free. By sharing these videos, you can help to support their mission. Share away.