Newly available from the Christian Learning Resource here, all of the pieces in the Pilgrim Choral Series can be purchased together in a three-ring binder which includes a CD of all the songs. Some of the songs are public domain and can be copied from this folder for free. The other songs can be purchased for your choirs through the shop.

Why purchase the folder when you could purchase or download all the pieces from Blue Sky Music and print them off yourself? Here are some reasons:

  • The folder has all the editions of all the songs. You don’t have to track them down yourself.
  • The songs are printed professionally. Songs with more than two pages are folded. Songs with more than four pages are folded and stapled.
  • It comes with a CD, making this the only place where recordings made by The 17 are currently available for sale.
  • It’s a complete resource that you can keep at your school or in your choir archives for future teachers or choir directors.

Because I’ve had such good success using these pieces with middle school students, I’m making My God is So Big available for free through 2020. Use coupon code GODISBIG. I’d love to hear how it goes with your students.

I have a number of pieces I’d like to arrange, but time and funding constraints keep those projects on the back burner. If your school or choir is interested in commissioning a new arrangement for the choral series, let me know.

To see the new Pilgrim Choral Series binder, click here.