Tip #3 for Choosing a Theme

July 23, 2018By Lyle StutzmanChoral

A third tip for choosing a theme is to begin building a list of songs that fit your choir, taking into account range, difficulty level, voicing, appropriateness for your audience, and so on. These are normal considerations whether you have a theme or not. As you begin to make a list of potential songs, look … Read More

Tip #2 for Choosing a Theme

July 16, 2018By Lyle StutzmanChoral

A second tip for choosing a theme is to choose a meaningful subject that you care about and dig into it to see if it has theme potential. You can start with a Scripture verse or passage, a poem, a painting, a person, a season of life or season of the year, an experience, an … Read More

Tip #1 for Choosing a Theme

April 26, 2018By Lyle StutzmanChoral

If you’re choosing repertoire for a choral program, one way to choose a theme is to find one piece that you know the choir will love (and that you love, too) and build a theme around it. If you’ve chosen a good song, you should be able to pull thematic content from it to title … Read More

Why Plan a Themed Choral Program?

March 31, 2018By Lyle StutzmanChoral

Have you ever struggled to choose music for your choir? If you have, join the crowd. I used to choose music pretty haphazardly. After collecting a stack of 15-17 pieces of music appropriate for the choir I was planning to direct, I would arrange the pieces according to subject and style putting praise pieces at … Read More

A New Resource for Music Teachers

February 15, 2018By Lyle StutzmanAnnouncements

It is my pleasure to introduce a new resource especially for elementary and middle school music teachers. It is Anthony Glick’s website. If you like what you see, contact Anthony about getting your name on a list to receive an e-mail when he adds new pieces to his site. You can get his information here. … Read More

Give to Our God Immortal Praise

January 24, 2018By Lyle StutzmanSongs

You’ve probably heard about Shenandoah Christian Music Camp, right? It’s a week-long, summer music camp that began in Harrisonburg, Virginia, in 2006. It has impacted a lot of people by providing a safe and positive atmosphere for musical and spiritual growth. It’s making such an impact that people are practically beating down the doors to … Read More

Christmas in Velvet

December 24, 2017By Lyle StutzmanGeneral

Do you have sweet memories of music you listened to at Christmastime when you were a child? I do. I don’t remember how we got it or why we had it, but I grew up listening to a tape (yes, I’m from that generation) by Derric Johnson’s Vocal Orchestra called “Christmas in Velvet.” When I … Read More

Peace, Perfect Peace

November 18, 2017By Lyle StutzmanSongs, Stories

Four years ago this morning, I awoke from the worst night of my life. My brother-in-law, Sheldon Martin, was dead. My wife’s sister Louisa had called the evening before to say that she didn’t know where her husband, Sheldon, was. He had gone canoeing by himself, and she hadn’t heard from him all day. When … Read More

Why Sing Children’s Songs?

October 12, 2017By Lyle StutzmanSongs

If you’ve snooped through the Pilgrim Choral Series or songs like “Joy Medley” or “Roll Away,” you’ve probably noticed that I like to arrange children’s songs. Not only that, some of the children’s song arrangements are meant to be sung only by adult choirs. Why would a choir waste time singing children’s songs when it … Read More

House to house, baking bread?

September 11, 2017By Lyle StutzmanSongs

Crystal Miller wrote the words and music to the song, “Acts 2,” and I arranged it. Listen to her tell the story. In January, 2015, I heard a sermon about a renewed vision for the church. At one point in the message, the end of Acts chapter 2 was used. The “breaking bread from house … Read More